Stay or Stray

It’s easy to walk away 

When it gets harder with every step 

The path gets cloudier the more I stay 

I come off empty, when I extend my hand to the wind for help

Stay or stray 

Am I enough, or am I just a fool in love 

I don’t want to lose grip of this fight 

I have to find the light 

Sway or pray 

These doubts are daunting me 

Ironically, the closer I get to you 

The clearer I see, that this loving is true 

Forging ahead, I thought I’d be lost, caring

But in loving you, I’m finding my bearing 

Gotta stop hiding, for once, 

to chase what my heart is yearning 

Of course, there’ll be consequences regardless 

I have to see it through to the next 

So do I stay or should I stray

Which is the better way

To find out if my worth is worth the wait

Or maybe I’m just a hindering weight 

that only delays your fate 

Then myself I’d come to hate  

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