My Purpose

Dorcas & Henry, #ItsLoveInHD

The first time I saw you 

You stirred up something inside me 

I wasn’t sure what it was or why you

But something about you was calling me 

The second time I saw you 

Everything changed 

You gave me a reason to chase 

And I had nothing to lose 

I knew I wanted forever 

But I never knew when it’d begin 

Not until I saw you again 

Everything became clearer 

I know how to spell words generally, 

Except when it comes to you 

Lately, “forever” seems to begin with “U”,

“Mine” sounds better with “U”

And my “happiness” starts with “U”

So, evidently, I must really love “U” 

You reignited the dreamer in me 

Cos every fibre in me wanted a piece of you 

No matter how small

And no matter how short 

I couldn’t express myself at first, cos I wasn’t certain

But I can’t let you go this time around, 

Not without you knowing how I feel 

Even though I would lose you again 

Being alone now seems very frightening 

The fire you started within me shows no sign of quietening 

And even though my deepest desires have been exposed, 

One could say in you, I have found my PURPOSE 


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