Silk Robe

Photo by Antoni Shkraba

Can’t seem to take my eyes off you 

As you skin-care in front of that mirror 

This is the millionth time, same routine 

But I see a different view 

Catching a glimpse of your smooth skin 

Peeking through the deep vee 

Formed by your silk robe 

Look at your skin glow 

All I can think of,

is how much I want to peel off 

That robe, from your shoulders 

Exposing those sexy underwear 

Again, this is not the first time 

I lick my lips, as I drool from your tastiness 

I always thirst for your sweet nectar 

The secretion from your body of a goddess 

At this point I know 

You don’t just do it for yourself 

So I lay tight, and watch the show 

And prepare myself for when the robe comes off 

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