My Melanin Pt2

Model: @chioma.mmeje
Taken by: @musaa_the_man

There she goes 

Walking tall and proud 

She never hesitates to make herself known 

In the presence of friends and even foes 

You hate it when she talks 

Cos very passionately she speaks 

They can’t help but call her loud 

But their words can never bring her down 

With love as the core of her essence 

Confidence is in her name 

The weak minded feel intimidated by her presence 

The strong bask in her grace 

Be good to her and the world she’d give you 

A woman of virtue 

She comes in different shades 

From marshmallow to dark chocolate 

You can’t help but want a taste 

So heavenly, only a few can relate 

Everyone else wonders,

What’s it like to be he in her corner 

It’s nothing short of a blessing, I know

Cos she’s My Melanin

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