Slow Dancing

Photo by Alvin Mahmudov on Unsplash

Slow dancing, 

that’s how I’d describe our love 

Step by step, breath after breath 

we dance to the rhythm of the music 

When I move, you follow my lead 

And I yours, while trusting each other 

The next move, predetermined by the previous 

Everything is connected 

both individual and group actions 

You let your guard down for me, but I don’t dwindle your spotlight 

I let myself fall for you so we can both take flight 

Song after song, the music keeps us on a high 

Our play is listed to last a lifetime 

Much more than the three minute time slots 

I’m talking about years and forever more  

Yes, we get better with time 

I’m talking about aging like fine wine

A perfect blend of malt and barley 

In sync like perfectly laid harmonies 

I don’t know much about this love thing 

But we’ve gained intimacy beyond our very wishes 

Much more than the hugs and kisses 

More intimate than skin-to-skin

Nobody knows how long is forever 

It begins with a step however 

So let’s dance until our greys fall out 

We’re redefining romance 


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