MEN in Mental Health

Man up, show your Manhood, be a Man 

When we’re too Manly, we’re Manipulative

Deep Misogyny     

Toxic Masculinity, so so bad

But all society does is fuel it 

You tell us it’s okay to be vulnerable 

But when we do, you turn us to an object of ridicule 

Searching for a safe space is nearly impossible 

Cos among us, we never know who is the imposter 

Masquerading as a friend to hear our story 

Then go out and tell it to have their own glory 

Gotta be strong, our weaknesses don’t matter 

Scared that if you found out who we were

You’d use that against us 

Misunderstood, Misjudged, Misconstrued 

Reasons we never learned to share our troubles

Lots of healing to do 

We’re in a loop we can’t Escape 

Emancipated from the shackles of our past 

Free to lead and act better 

But still Enslaved to the mindset of our fathers 

Escalated grievances coupled with Entrapped hatred, 

Emotionally disconnected

Engulfed in the sea of doubt 

How can we do better than our predecessors 

We keep pondering, back and forth   

Expectations is killing us 

How can we heal others when we’re hurt 

No shortcomings, our reasons are just Excuses 

You’ve been waiting to put us to shame 

But we can’t overreact 

Cos when we lose ourselves, you’d call us insane 

Neglected, our cries for help and the yearn to be better 

Negotiated, the so called peace everyone Needed

Why accept us if it has to be conditional 

Why give us love if it has to be tough 

Can Never complain,

Can Never appear to be lost

Cos whenever we stand to gain 

Then comes a huge price to pay as a cost 

Numb to the emotions that appear common 

As if our heart is dark like when night has fallen 

Yes, I’m talking about the MEN in mental health 

Our women and children deserve better,

But we can’t give what we don’t get either 

We can’t discard the traumas we’ve felt 

Nothing worse than an overload 

When we keep in too much, we’re bound to implode 

So many demons we hide 

How do we cope, how long can we hold

At some point we have to speak up, 

But when and where is safe 

Would the world even believe us 

When we decide to set those demons straight 

And let go of the self guilt that’s been holding us down for years 

When it’s time to let go of the self loathe and living in fear 

When there’s more to love and less to hate 

If it truly comes, I Just hope then, we’re not too late 

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