All Because Of You

Source: @Reneyfresh

Last night I caught myself smiling 

Must have thought about a thing

An experience I couldn’t believe 

A beautiful encounter that I wish to relive 

Must have had a pleasant night cos

this morning I caught myself smiling again 

The dream I had about never parting 

with that one thing that brings me joy 

The idea of letting go seems to elude me 

For everything reminds me of it 

It’s got a strong hold on me 

Feels like a spell has been cast on me 

Funny how, I’m realizing now 

That I’ve found something good 

Something that I didn’t just choose,

but also chose me 

At the depth of my heart it planted its roots 

Something so gracious I never want to lose 

And that something is you 

Because of you now my day can flourish 

You have watered my garden 

I’ve been numb but now I’m dreaming again 

We just got off the phone but shortly after I’m calling again 

When you don’t pick up I’m leaving a voicemail 

And when you don’t reply I’m listening to an old voice-note

“Did I, do something to you? 

Interesting, very interesting” 

That’s a message from you and I keep playing it repeatedly 

It’s getting harder to control 

Like a heart beat, 

I’ve made talking to you everyday a habit 

Sounds like an obsession, but I promise it’s a healthy one

For if this emotion is real, then I never want it gone 

You’ve won my heart, it’s true 

And I’m loving love again, all because of you

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