Your Only Fan

Photo by: @chantainegphotography

It’s the way you bite your lips for me 

Slow dancing and staring me down as I approach you

Tells me you have naughty plans for me 

And I’m here for it 

Other guys tried to dance with you 

But you turned them down, and I 

Thought of making a move but got a cold feet

Thinking you were an ice queen,

Yet here I am and you didn’t hesitate 

Can’t figure how we connected 

It’s still a mystery 

We were so in tune, we define chemistry 

The music was our catalyst 

One song turned to two, three, four and five 

The DJ was on fire, and so were we

But it was your waistline for me,

whining with such gentleness 

The way you throw it back when I grab onto it 

No amount of water can quench this thirst 

Without realizing I cursed

Fuck! How are you this good 

Ever since I subscribed to you 

I got all these exclusives like I’m your only fan 

A Queen I Stan 

Tens of people on the floor, but they were all a blur 

I’ve got you in my arms, couldn’t have asked for more 

There’s no stopping for us at this point

Now everyone’s paying attention, we’re causing a scene 

We ignored the staring, they have no choice 

Phones, cameras and light flashing 

Like we’re the main acts in a film 

Twas hard to see you walk off on me

The crowd was getting noisy with the cheering 

So I whispered, let’s get out of here

You said “no, I should go

Stay right here and have fun”

What’s your name, I asked, you said “don’t worry hun 

This is probably the last moment we’d share 

I won’t see you again, so take a good look as I walk out”

And I did, twas a pleasure meeting you I guess 

This is where my subscription ends 

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