Perfectly Imperfect

You keep seeking what you lack

But fail to see what you already have 

Trying to look like others only casts a shadow on yourself 

Slowly chipping away from yourself 

Following the media seldom brings you happiness 

But you do it anyways, where does it end? 

Cos after the first fix, comes the next 

Then you become too broken to have a life to spend 

Embrace your flaws and have confidence in yourself 

Cos when you give in to the world, you lose yourself 

The point is you’re trying to look “that good”

You want to be “that perfect”, but for who? 

When you succumb to pressure you can’t do right by you 

“I do what I want for myself” becomes the perfect excuse 

We’re special because we’re different 

The difference lies in our uniqueness 

Choose self love and happiness over idolizing and jealousy 

Make healthy decisions cos bad habits kill without you realizing 

Acceptance, not saying you should be complacent 

But knowing who you are and embracing it 

Is a whole new level of transcendence 

A blueprint to realness 

When fake is now the new reality 

Think healthy,  life long, not just temporary 

So without media you’ll see clearly 

That you are far from ordinary 

You’re more confident than they expected 

You’re perfectly imperfect

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