Closer To You

Art by Sho Stylez (@sd_creative)

You ask what do I want from you,

It’s complicated, yet simple 

Sometimes I wish I were your sheets  

Cos it’s always there to hold you tight 

It wraps around you so well at night

And it knows all your secrets 

When you’re lonely and sad 

It’ll never let go of your grip 

Through your dreams, good and bad

It’ll comfort you all through your sleep

In the rain and the thunder

The cold and winter

It don’t matter the kind of storm

It’s always there to keep you warm 

Other times I want to be your mirror 

To show you a world without terror

To let you see you from my point of view 

To show you that God spared no effort in creating you 

To bear evidence of the beauty that I behold 

And reflect your radiance, cos baby your smile is brighter than gold

Everyday I’m not with you 

Is another day I’m longing for you 

Irreplaceable that’s how important you are to me 

Inseparable, that’s how I want us to be

So when you wonder about my intentions 

Or what plans I have for us 

This is my answer 

This is not a just a promise, rather

This is who I want to be to you 

This is how close I want to be to you

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