Still Your Biggest Fan

Never knew your smile could hurt 

It used to make my heart race with joy like a motor sport 

I prided myself on being your source of laughter 

So I couldn’t imagine someone else doing it better 

Deeply, I had fallen for you over the years 

But quickly, we fell apart, all our efforts were erased

Never knew your words could cut 

I mean I know you’ve thought about it 

But hearing you say it is much worse 

I’ll admit I’m partly to be blamed for it 

Losing you was my fault 

How could you be content with just my wit 

When you needed a home 

You’d rather be alone 

Saying goodbye is difficult 

I needed you but you needed more 

All your friends are tying the knot, but you, and why not? 

The pressure was building up

Your seat was getting hot 

So I get it

If I don’t fulfil your heart desires you’ll call it quits 

It’s the hardest thing you ever did, you say

But don’t think for a second that I’ll be okay

Cos these feelings will never be cast away

Maybe you’d think that I’d come to hate you, but hey,

I’m your biggest fan and I’ll always be in the crowd cheering for you

As you achieve everything you’ve ever wished for 

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