I Am Yours

Art by @sd_creative

Just one look and I’m lust

Your beauty is beyond words 

With a smile so breathtaking, 

I know my heart is yours for the taking 

Just one word and I’m yours 

Your voice could calm a raging heart 

Even if you were a thousand miles away, I’ll come running fast 

All you have to do is call 

Just one touch and I’m struck 

Your body is electrifying 

You glow as if the sun was tattooed on your skin 

Beautiful and classy, I’m at awe of my luck

Just one move and I’m gone 

I told the boys that I’m off, the streets, 

Cos with you I can never go wrong 

My heart is in the right place, like the rising and setting sun 

Your smile is my favourite mood 

Your skin is my favourite hue 

Your lips is my favourite spot 

And your name is my favourite word

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