Lost In Your World

When you catch me staring at you 

I don’t have too many questions, 

I’m just lost thinking about you 

I’m creating mental pictures 

Of things I want to do to you. 

I get lost in your eyes,

They have so much to say

And they tell no lies 

They’re so gentle and dreamy, 

But of course, you’d tell me, 

“You know I’m not very good with words”

So, you’d cast them away

I get lost in your lips 

Every piece of me crave your kisses

Nights without you always have me thinking 

I can tell you’re all I’ve been missing

With every taste, I feel the hunger to devour 

Your sweetness is a delight to my tongue 

The more I get, the more I want 

I get lost in your arms 

You make me feel homely and calm 

When we hug, our hearts beat as one

Like a drug, I’m addicted to your warmth

Never knew my juggernaut heart needed comforting 

But in your arms, all my stress and worries become still 

Amazing, how this feels 

I couldn’t let go from the start, but now, for you, I have fallen  

Inseparable when together, play pretense when apart 

As long as you are mine, nothing else matters 

You’re my peace, when the world is in chaos 

My grip, when push comes to shove 

My ally, when my back’s against the wall

I am lost in your world 

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