Hit ‘n’ Run

Your love was like a hurricane 

You swept me off my feet 

Loving you was so esthetic 

I thought, never again would I know pain 

We were soaring above the clouds 

I was over the moon 

Never thought I’d ever touch the ground 

Yet, you have let me down so soon 

A beautiful future you promised, for you and I only 

But you would promise every other girl the same thing 

I accepted you wholly 

What was I thinking 

I should’ve trusted my instincts 

Cos every night you’d come home smelling like all the girls you have slept with 

Your lies came crashing down on me like an avalanche 

Now a thousand pieces, remains my heart

They say, “wounds heal”

But tell me why this heart still bleeds 

Every night I’m drenched in a pool of my own blood 

I keep sinking deeper and deeper in my thoughts 

My very self is being washed away in a flood of misery 

Of words I couldn’t speak 

Cos I was deaf to the lies you spoke profusely 

All the times you were with me 

Heartbreak and regrets, 

This is what blindness begets 

Cos you gave me roses with thorns 

I’m only feeling the pain now that you’re gone 

So long, love 

I’m staying right here while you walk away 

And since you could never stay 

I won’t be seeing you off 

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