Real Us

I’ve Got You Baby, by @ganvdia

Often and on people dream about the fairytale love 

I have too, but to what end? 

It only comes with lies and pretense 

All we need is that genuine love 

Life isn’t perfect, but we can make our own little perfect 

Some bougie and some ratchet 

Sometimes we’ll fight, but we’ll make up

And make love when we wake up 

A little mischievous, but you’ll still come clean 

As long as there’s no malice 

We’ll shield each other from the world full of lies and envy 

Where no rules apply, everyone is an enemy 

Let’s mix some good food with some junk 

More truth less lies 

Some laughter and some tears 

A little decency plus some raunchiness

A little chaos and a whole lot of peace 

I know life’s tough, but we’ll enjoy to our fill 

Let’s tend to our wounds, let’s help each other heal 

Time may not be on your side, but I will 

While we pray for a lifetime of happiness 

We’ll steady our hearts for whatever happens next 

Support and challenge each other to the fullest 

Make mistakes and repeat with no apologies 

I had imagined what it’d feel like to be loved by you 

So many nights I dreamed sleeping right by you 

Here we are, together, hatching life anew 

I’ll love you with everything in me, I hope you do too

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