Black Human

Black human 

Don’t wear a hoodie, don’t sag your pants 

Don’t raise your voice, you shouldn’t even one 

Don’t speak your mind

How dare you make demands 

Don’t show your natural hair 

To you, nothing should ever be fair 

Black human

Start your own business, work hard 

Buy properties, buy lands 

But in no time we’ll come take it all back 

It’s all your fault for being black 

You’re meant to work for us, entertain us

Shut up and dribble, nobody cares about your opinions 

Use your strength to build our nation 

Take what you’re given, no negotiations 

Black human 

Go occupy the prisons built by our nation 

Right or wrong, you can’t escape incarceration 

It doesn’t matter whether or not you fight 

You’ll never have as much freedom or right 

Your motherland is not off limits of course 

We’ll come for your fertile soil, your gold and your diamonds 

Blame it on your heritage 

For it’ll only be used to our own advantage 

Black human

The odds have been stacked against you 

With little education, multiple jobs, praying only success awaits 

Unknowingly to you, death could come so soon

Literally outta the BLUE, bleeding BLUE 

Firing shots while you sleep or awake, no chance to plead your case 

You’ll find yourself in the wrong, no matter what you do 

Almost as if it’s a crime being born a BLACK HUMAN 

. . .

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