Whiskey N Chill

I gazed, as though there was something to see in the endless sky 

Amazed, as to how the tranquility of the night speaks loudly to my heart 

Then there’s you, it’s like you were painted at the end of that sky 

Surrounded by other heavenly bodies, with a perfect shiny smile 

On a beautiful night such as this

While I stare into the distant stars 

The leaves flutter and crickets chirp

The cool breeze caresses my skin

Thoughts of you fill my mind 

I write, whatever comes to my heart 

Arose, the moon shining bright from the start 

Then I feel, the loneliness from our distance 

The need to be embraced in your chilly warmth and 

I just take a sip or a couple more sips 

Nothing a glass of whiskey can’t fix 

I hear the loud whispers of the nature 

It’s clear, almost like we’re having a conversation 

I close my eyes to take in this beauty 

Then I see you, it’s almost like you’re here with me 

I drink alone, but the moon and wind are here to keep me company 

Plus you in my head, I guess I can’t be that lonely 

So as the time takes flight 

I raise my glass and say cheers to a beautiful night

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