Are We Still Kings?

Art by @ahannie_nikole

So we scream #blacklivesmatter but neglect our women

Only deem them good enough to carry our semen 

We reduce and abuse them in front of our children 

Yet we call ourselves kings

The world will often ridicule our women, and often we join in 

They speak up to the unjust, and often we do nothing 

How can we call ourselves kings

When we don’t acknowledge and uplift our queens? 

All women need to be loved and cherished

Ours aren’t any different 

They are either scarred, silenced or left to perish

Why are the standards different? 

We must protect them today and tomorrow 

They are real goddesses with the braids, wigs or fro 

Protect the young so they shall grow 

The old also, cos they are gold 

Calling all men to come clean 

We owe it to ourselves to change our ways 

To do better by our women starting today

Less words, more actions and it begins with me 

This is how it should be 

There should be no excuses

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