I Can’t Breathe


Another black life taken

Another gang raping

Another girl child victim

Another neighbour hood shooting

Another family without a father – uncle

Mother – auntie

Brother – sister

CHILD! – This is wild

More hashtags and cry for justice

Systemic and institutional racism 

Minimal black leaders and executives

Corporations use black squares for propaganda

Nothing changes no matter the criticism

What else could be in their agenda

Impaired judicial systems

Deep rooted racial prejudice

History concealed to serve their purposes

We build up, they tear down, then change the narrative

We stand up, they shoot us down, guess what the excuse is

Good people, good intentions – Never – always the opposite

How much more can we take

How much more can I take

I have a life – How should I live it

I have this fear – How can I overcome it

I have a job – how do I perform

I got goals – how do I reach em

I have a future – what kind of future

Do I matter – How can I prove it

Our past, present

The government

Our environment

They keep failing us

The law

The police

The people

We’re haunted

As I speak another white child is being miseducated,

Another black child is growing undereducated

400 plus years, my race is still being misinterpreted



And unaccepted

For equality, we protest

For Justice, we protest

The youth, we must protect

The yearn, the hunger

For fairness

How much longer

Another one down

Uwa – Jennifer

Farishina – Tina

George Floyd – Ahmaud Arbery

Breonna Taylor – Tamear Rice

The list goes on

No one ever pays the price

It must stop

The violence

The raping

The profiling

The brutality

The impunity

The oppression


We need freedom

We need answers

We want our voices heard

We want our lives back

We need justice

We need peace

We need equality

We need humanity

(Inhales deeply in agony)


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