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Today, I woke up feeling lucky

I woke up, looked left and there you were

So, damn right, I am lucky

I intend to shower you with love and care

Until I saw the text

Ping, “settings” sent you a text

“He’ll be gone in an hour right?

We can get it on today like always, right?”

For a second, I felt my heart stop

No words, no tears, define shock?

The signs were there, I guess I just couldn’t connect the dots

I couldn’t even muster rage, I just sunk in my somber thoughts

I was a fool cos I didn’t see clearly

How could you, I thought you loved me dearly

I had thought I worked too late, but you always visited too early

You were my best decision yet, yeah right, what a fucking irony

You ruined us, slowly, but surely

Cheers to my ugly fate, love couldn’t have treated me any more fairly

You always said I needed to rest

And you were always tired when I had the strength

You could only gave it once in a while

and I respected you

Maybe in time you’d come around, silly me to have expected you to

This was not the love you proclaimed

This was not the smile you portrayed

This was nothing like heartbreak

This is just, uhhh! I feel betrayed

I thought you only gave it to me

I thought “hey babe” was only meant for me

I thought I was your one and only

I thought I was really really lucky

I thought this and that

I thought

I thought and I

I never really thought I was such a dummy

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