Love Genesis


You ever wondered why I get caught up in a trance?

Looking at you and I’m just lost for words

I tend to take advantage of every little chance

To tap into your world

To try to catch the you that nobody else sees

It lies somewhere between uninterrupted pauses

And actions with unintentional causes

Looking at you and I could tell exactly how you feel

Free and Real

It’s the simple things that make the  difference

Simple things like being happy just holding hands

Where you talk and I listen

Watching you eat, sing and dance

Looking to catch you smile

It’s become a habit

Let’s not change that, let’s not grow apart

With every new day, a new story begins

Embrace me like it’s the genesis of your dream

With every breath, the hunger renews

To lay with you, laugh with you

When I look at you, I see a beautiful world we’d share

An amazing life with our own little kids

Like fairytales with unimaginable stories,

Our “once upon a time” begins here

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