Meet Me Halfway


Question of the day,

When do we learn to let loose and love all the way?

Our hearts want the connection but something is in the way

When do we learn to let go and take it all the way?

I stay contemplating on what we both want from this

From us, or whatever this is

I know you have your needs, I too have my own fantasies

You want to be pampered and treated like a queen

I want to make a bubble bath and watch you soak in it

You want morning texts, nightly calls and comfort

I want good night kisses, morning sex and back rubs

You want nice dresses from fashion-nova

I want that too, but so I can take em off ya

We complement each other like suit and tie

Useless without the other like two sides of a coin, why?

You think we’re a good match, I think you’re my better half

You like that I’m funny, I like to see you laugh

You need love, I need love too

You can’t speak up, I’m misunderstood

But you can show me how you feel,

Provide some clarity

And I’ll answer your doubts in full

All that you needed to hear, in truth

I’m still contemplating on what we want from this

From us, or whatever this is

Regardless of the difference, we’re not that different

So, let’s take that bold step and meet each other halfway

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