Who Is She?

Screenshot 2020-01-08 at 10.05.23 PM
Picture: @yanjusofine_

Who is she?

Every head turns as she stepped in

Looking classy and walks ever so elegantly

With a pretty smile on her face,

She knows what she is doing

No effort is a waste,

She knows everyone is looking

Both men and women

Everyone wanted a piece of her

You can feel the tension in the air

She loves the attention

She loves being the main attraction

Who is she, you ask?

She’s one to make you spend your money fast

She’s only here to steal your heart

She’ll wrap you under her arm

Until her wish is your command

God bless her heart

But she’ll toil with yours, and

She’s only here to tease you as she sees fit,

Then rinse and repeat

So, who is she really?

She’s a rare beauty

She knows how to have fun

With her, you’re guaranteed a good time

But she’s not one to fall in love

She’s afraid you can’t guarantee her a fairytale kind

She’s afraid she won’t be the only one that’d occupy your mind

She’s one you should love, but hate

Cos you’ll fall for her but she won’t reciprocate

She craves only the sex and pleasure

But not ready for any closure

“I don’t want my heart broken”

She says, no need for the extra emotions

You’ve been warned repeatedly

Yet, you still act a fool

I’ve been warned repeatedly too,

But I don’t mind if she’s the death of me

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