When The Heart Falters – unSteady Love


To say “I want you so bad”, is an understatement

As days go by, I try to look for different ways to say

“I miss you”, but end up saying “hey”

Maybe I should exercise a lil more patience

So many nights I dream and think of you

Funny how I’ve forgotten how it feels to be with the real you

Yea, your absence is very concerning

It’s like we never even happened, memories are fading

The more I’m away from you, the more I want

that connection we once had

The more you’re away from me, the less I feel

that part of you that always clung to me

You show me both red and blue at the same time

It’s hard to pick a side of you to appeal to and

We’re so disconnected, I find myself saying less at times

Not because I have nothing to say, but I can’t tell how you’d react to them

What do I do to shorten this distance

I keep trying to get past this resistance

I’m trying to swim in your pool naked

But you’re thick-skinned to my antics

How much do you yearn for me now?

Will you come running if I call out?

Does your heart still beat fast and loud, for me?

When you sleep, do you still dream about me?

So many questions, my heart still wanders

What do you do when the heart falters,

Or when your patience is running thin?

Put a smile on, while deep inside I shriek?

I walked miles to be with you

But now it seems I’m losing you

Maybe your heart has fallen out of love

But your mind is still holding on

My mind is telling me to keep trying

But I can’t stop my heart from crying

I stand rinsing off these tears in the rain

Hoping our future don’t go with it down the drain

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