So What If We Did

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Our hearts are drawn to each-other, see

but we’re scared to catch these feelings

We don’t want to take the risks

We’re scared to show our vulnerabilities,

too scared to show our insecurities

So what if we did 

So what if we got our hearts broken

We let our eyes say the unspoken

I’m trying to live happier than my dreams

You are the catalyst it seems

I’m marrying you in my dreams

So what if I did

We keep hiding our feelings and stringing each other along

Something keeps coming in the way, we never last that long

So what if we kissed 

So what if I told you I loved you

Why are you scared to fall in love with me

So what if you did

Let’s stop making up rules

Let’s start living to our hearts full

Let’s set our hearts free

Let it feel what it wants to feel

My perspective can be narrowed at times

But it speaks clearly to me

So what if I say what my heart has been hiding

I’m putting them into words and rhymes

Hoping that you would see what I see,

but do you see what I see?

We tend to make rash decisions out of heartbreak

but end up hurting others in the process

Then they turn around doing the same thing

and the cycle continues

Now do you see what I mean?

I’m trying to break this cycle 

I’m trying to turn this heartache to happy

Then pass it to you, and hope that you remain happy

I’m trying to see that this life is bigger than it seems

I’m trying to believe that this love given to us is for free

So what if I stretched my hands to grab it

And so what if you reached out to grab yours too

Life’s too short to think about what might happen next

So, don’t hold back while chasing happiness

This is from me to you

And I hope that you break out of this cycle too

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