Date Night (A Valentine’s Special)


Valentine’s Day always has people doing the most

Showing of the most on social media while playing host

My girl and I decided to keep it simple

As promised in our previous conversations,

To have fun together and be spontaneous, no surprises

We started the day by eating breakfast out

Then spent time sight seeing and having fun on route

We ended it with a nice dinner, nothing too fancy

We spent a little more time before heading back alas

Soon as we reached our hotel room, I asked her if she’d like some wine

She said she doesn’t mind

I poured some wine in two glasses

Mind you, I’m not a wine drinker

But that night was about her

It’s a little too early to go to bed, what do want to do next?

She said, “seduce me”

I was taken aback since I didn’t plan anything special

So, I played the song, Lady in red by Chris de Burgh,

Hmmm! She exclaimed, then said ‘I love this song’ (with a sip of her drink)

Of course, she was wearing a red dress (wink)

I took the glass off her hand,

placed it on the table and asked her for a dance

I got my dancing shoes on, so you know I was ready to impress

She placed both hands on my shoulder, then around my neck

While we slowly danced to the rhythm of the song

Towards the end, she asked softly, what now?

I said, now, kiss me

Right about then, “kiss me” by Ed Sheeran queued in

She scuffs and said ‘seriously’!?

I smiled gently and I knew she wouldn’t resist

She smiled back as we continued dancing

We danced while looking deeply into each other’s eyes

While we were at it, I gave her a smooch on her forehead

I could feel my pant at this point, there’s already a growing tent

But I can’t rush this, I thought, I wanted the time to be well spent

So I opted for more dancing and small talks instead

After a few more songs, our patience had already ran out

The tension had been maxed out

We started caressing each other and dancing more intimately

We couldn’t resist anymore, the hunger

It was evident we couldn’t hold out much longer

In a matter of seconds, we were kissing, passionately

We started taking each other’s clothes off, hastily

More kissing, more touching, heavy breathing

We found ourselves on the bed, turning each other into a hot mess

The rest was a memorable history,

The best date ever, easily!


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