Keep Trying (MentalHealthAwareness)

M.H.A. Pt.1

She said, “I’ve not been in a good mood for a while now” 

He said, “man, I’m tired of life, I can’t take this anymore” 

She runs to social media, where everything seems alright 

But in reality, it’s never the same, it’s all lies 

He tries to talk about it, but nobody understands him

You think it’s just another statement made out of frustration, they’ll get over it

Then, they stop talking to you, or anyone, and stick to silence, till it’s too late

Why should they speak up to you, when you can’t even listen

You turn to make everything about you 

Eventually, their faith in humanity dwindles 

The life that he holds dear, her smile that brings cheer,

Could one day disappear 

Reach out to them, let’s find ways to rekindle 

That faith they once had, that light that once sparked 

All they probably needed was a listening ear, won’t hurt

Could be a text message or a call 

Saying, “Hey”, “what’s up”, “how are you doing”

Take those little statements a little more serious 

Maybe then, they could open up to you and you might be saving a life

All we have to do, is keep trying… 

M.H.A. Pt.2

To you on the other side

Don’t shut us all out, your friends, your family, or peers 

Don’t bottle everything up inside

There’s so much we could do, and there’s a limit to how much we could ask

It’s a little too hard for us to pry 

Extend a hand for us to grab, you don’t have to feel ashamed

Ask for a shoulder when you wanna cry 

Maybe the other person have been through the same 

Ask for ears when you wanna share 

All those feelings and thoughts that have become too much to bear

When you’re at cross-roads between giving up and giving in 

Look around, and you might just find more reasons to live

All you have to do, is keep trying…

M.H.A. Pt.3

Even though I’m writing this, I can’t act like I’ve got it all figured out 

So many voices screaming in my head, loud and loud 

At times I yell and shout, but still can’t let it all out 

So many questions, yet zero to little unsatisfactory answers 

To, ‘why me’, ‘why now’, ‘why this, why that’? 

To find solutions, where do I fvxking start

When everything seems to be falling apart 

How much longer will this go on for?

How much more is gonna be at stake?

How much more is gonna go wrong?

How much more of this can I take?

Am I speaking your mind yet? 

Am I the only one to go through this mess?, I think not 

Will this be the end of me?, I hope not 

It’s easy to put these words on paper, but to voice them out is much harder 

I know it and that shouldn’t stop me either 

Hence, I’m gonna speak out, so we can help each other 

One step at a time, I know I’ll make it out alive 

All I have to do, is keep trying… 



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