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The genesis of our love was the happiest

Till you moved away, our love was put to the test

Don’t get me wrong, I was still happy to call you my own

But, the loneliness became hard to condone

I set out to sought that physical connection

Something we both knew was missing

I never thought of the consequences of my actions

But I knew she wasn’t you, and I was still kissing

I never thought I would love another

Those times you were away, when nights got colder

I felt different with her, I must confess

But that didn’t make me love you any less

At the time, it felt good

But breaking your heart, I never planned to

She’s a fine lady, now I’ve hurt her too

And today, here I stand losing both of you

I know I did you wrong, to make it right, for real I’m trying

Wish I could take it all back, but somethings can’t be undone

And I know when the bridge is burned

So, I’ll make sure I close my eyes when my heart is crying

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