Dangerous Love (Poetry & I)

Poetry & I

To live free, or die on the sidelines tied up

To love hard, or live a miserly life with my heart caged up

That’s what she told me, I read through the metaphor

I knew I wasn’t living up to what my heart was built for

We explored our brave hearts with this Wild love

We never questioned if we were wild enough

She made me understand that love is where the rules don’t apply

Only fools abide

We made love wherever, whenever

The stairwell, fire-escape, in the bus, or train

It doesn’t matter if my rhymes were coded or plain

At work, on the streets and in the comforts of my room

I could write till the rise or fall of the nightly moon

We were on a journey to self discovery, nothing too crazy

I meant to her what she meant to me

To us it was like a force, we just can’t fight it

Beautiful art this is, but the world didn’t like it

Only a few did, must we force them to dig us

I can’t stop now or never, knowing this art is bigger than us

This is our story, poetry and I

And I don’t care about the world, as long as she’s mine

Forever, Poetry and I

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