This time of the year reminds me of when we met,

I didn’t know I was about to have my best holiday yet

You came to visit your aunt in the neighbourhood,

saying hi to you became my next favourite thing to do

I often walked down the streets to look at the neighbours’ lights,

the whole atmosphere made me smile

Something about the lit up reindeers, mistletoes and snowmen at night

Something about the greens, reds and whites

Oh! How I missed Christmas!

After so many lone walks, you tagged along alas

That night, we walked around together

Admiring the beautiful scenery

You wished Christmas would last forever,

me too, but only if you were in it

We talked about what we’d do when the holiday was finished

I was saddened when you said you’d be leaving

So, we made the best of it

And had fun infinite

We had a beautiful thing,

but it was a short fling

Every year, I wished Christmas would come fast

I wished for you to come back,

so we can relive what we once had

Oh! How I missed Christmas!

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