Letter To Love

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I’ve thought several times without resolve, about what I would say

If I could write a letter to Love, what would it say?

Dear Love,

My curiosity has peaked

Please tell me why my relationships don’t go right

You always send Cupid to shoot at the wrong time

When the love expires

and my heart reinforces itself, ready to give it another go

Then the arrow misfires

I often tiptoe to my bed, so I don’t wake heartbreak up

She sleeps next to me every night

No wonder I’ve had one too many break ups 

She sleeps so comfortably, she’s become familiar with me

You don’t even give me enough time to heal

The pages of my love life have always been fragile

When I try to flip a page, they’ll rip right out

I come up blank trying to write a new story

And you’d send me a new notepad without a pen

My curiosity has really peaked

Since you’ve been good at this,

grant me one more breakup with heartbreak

This is way more than my heart can take

Regrettably yours,

The Heartbroken

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