Ego Vs Pride

Pride vs Ego

One-night stand after one-night stand

Played by every guy you’ve met

Betrayed by your very own heart

The broken hearted have become an alias

Weddings after weddings but never yours

You did things you couldn’t take back

Now all you do, is take back

You started pulling the strings,

you have become the puppeteer

Hiding behind your pride

Waiting for the real one to appear

Trying to avoid repeating history

I believe I’m the real one, maybe I’m different

Cos somehow, there are similar burdens we carry

If only we can both let go of these weights

And carry each other till we’re old and weary

My ego always clashed with that pride of yours

Something you hated more than my guts

You know I’ll always love you beyond your flaws

And you can trust me enough to catch you when you fall

I know the cold heart you show Is not who you want to be

It is who you want them to see

The real you you conceal

The real you I can feel

We sleep next to each other, but this wall still lie between us

To be with you I have to drown my ego in the sea

But I can’t go to bed with that pride of yours

I want to hide my fears with you and yours with me

So, let go and let love take the wheel

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