I Just Want You To Be Happy


I tried to let my feelings control my thoughts,

but my mind and mouth utter different words

I wasn’t ready to take that next step,

even though you were

‘If you love her then let her go’, they say

You wanted a future, something more than a fling

I couldn’t see past the present day

We had a good thing, but you wanted the next thing

I understand why you had to leave me

It had nothing to do with cheating

So I’ll brood over a couple of shots

And rant for a night with strangers at the bar front

There’s no need to pick up from where we put it down

We let things be for the best

What matters is how you’re feeling now

I wish you the very best

I hope you find someone better me

Someone who’ll treat you like a queen that you are

I hope you find everything that you need 

If there was anything to say after we ended things,

is this,


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