Relationship Goals

Relationship Goals : Dear Crush

Will we ever be like them?

Holding onto each other like nothing else matters

Caring for each other like no one else exists

Will we ever be like them?

Having the courage to lay our hearts bare

Letting go of our fears

Living like we are more than peers

Will we ever be like them?

Only time will tell

These were my thoughts the first day I met you

Funny enough, that was the day I fell

I fell In love with everything about you

I used to see people post couple goals and I was tempted

Tempted to tag you and say, ‘this could be us’

But now, this is us

We’re soul-mates, you’re everything I wanted

I wished for you, you were my wife goals

We watch some couples throw feats,

see people get into relationships and calling it quits

But we have each other, we will never fold

I can’t wait to have kids with you and live life till we grow old

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