I Still Love You (Exes Pt.2)


There’s a hole in my heart,

a big piece of my heart is missing 

and that piece is you 

When you left me you made this hole,

Now it has become so large,

nothing else can make me whole 

I’ve been seeing this guy,

he has been trying to fill that hole 

He has been trying to fill this pit of nothingness,

with his love, affection and attention 

But this hole has became a garden 

that flowers never grow on,

because your love was like a thorn,

a thorn without a single rose 

Time was supposed to heal everything,

but it has only widened it 

Will this hole ever be filled?

You have another girl now,

But I’ll wait for you

If I ever hear you calling, I’ll come running,

running for your love, without a second thought

So for now, he is like your substitute 

Cos I know no one else can ever replace you,


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