My Aphrodisiac


As the air gets farther away from me,

so does my sanity

Your gifted figure and your provocative allure

Your glistening eyes, pull me in

Gratitude to your mom, but she can’t take all the credit

God gifted these assets to you and you learned how to work it

I love how you put on just so you can take it off for me

You look enticing in every fabric,

but you’re best dressed in the nude

I know God is the designer

And I’m not trying to be rude

I’m just an honest admirer

You’re a refined gem, not crude 

Your honey-glazed skin taste like a fresh morning ale

Sweet, yet intoxicating

Stirring up the desire and lust in me,

arousal is an understatement

It don’t matter how bad it gets

As long as I have you, my cure,

my night nurse

This is bliss!

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