The Zone

We’ve known each other for some time now,

but you have a boyfriend

So you say I’m just a friend

I don’t like being just a buddy but when I’m with you it different

Your friendliness with me makes me worry

This might go against all my principles but I’m sorry

There’re so many buts in my sentences

yet yours is the greatest, so I’m never certain

I second guess my position with you yet I end up doing nothing

Sometimes I think about dating other girls but I end up choosing you

Then I think about speaking up but I worry about losing you

It hurts to say you’re ‘just a friend’ when my mom asks about you

She asks, “what’s going on with you two” and I say I don’t know,

then I think to myself ‘if only she knew’

Finally you’re single again, we spend more time together but you still think about him

Being with you seems more like an unrealistic dream

You tell your friends qualities of  your ideal man, but none describes me

I guess I’m still just a friend

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