Tell Me

The day didn’t go quite as planned,

’twas our first date so we resisted all urges

though I was driven to the edge,

coz I couldn’t resist her charm

The cloud is getting darker and the wind is chilly,

staying the night might not cause any harm

It would feel nice to have you curl up in my arms,

I said to her, as we were alone in the dark

With the thunder roaring and the rain smearing at the window

While holding her in my embrace,

she shivered as I touched her skin full of goosebumps

She won’t let loose but I could feel her stiffened nipples

tremble as though her lust and cravings will burst out of them

Tell me how bad you want me, she asked,

as her soft lips touched mine and she flustered

Tell me that this is just the first of many nights

Tell me that you would always tr(eat) me right

I just don’t wanna have sex, I want it to mean something, she said

Before our lips met again, I said to her,

‘you know I can’t say no if you tell me that you wanna make love’

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