Over Time

Over and over again I fall for you,

But somehow it’s a taboo.

Lies after lies people tell

It has become difficult for you to understand the truth I yell.

Yet time after time I reaffirm my love for you.

Trust has been distant.

Even this instant, you make excuses and keep me at a distance.

I’ll be here dreaming of “let no man put us asunder”

While your heart speaks one thing and your mouth says another.

Still I wonder,

How God could make something so perfectly imperfect,

yet, you ask “am I good enough, am I really all that?”

As a matter of fact


You’re like a priceless piece of art painted to perfection.

At least that’s how I see you and you should see it too

That’s why on and on again, I’ll let my words of affection rain on you,

Just to let you know that I adore you.

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