The Elavator Pitch

It was a summer afternoon but the heat wasn’t coming from the sun
From what she wore I could figure she just came from a quick run
She headed towards the elevator so I waited
Her steamy-hot body got me infatuated
’24th floor please’, she said, so was I and I lit up a smile
She smiled too, did she read my mind or is it the music in her ear?
Heavy breathing, her chest was rising and falling
The tight she wore hugged her curves and cleavage looking to burst out of them
With sweat dripping down her skin
The way she bit her lips and winked at me, I knew I was about to sin
‘Ding’, goes the elevator
I watched her walk to her door
Hope you give good massages?, coz my body hurts
She said, turning towards me
I headed there without a second thought
I guess I’m in for a treat

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