Going Up (The Heat)

It’s her again, looking sexy as ever

It has become a routine everyday to always bump into her

Her perfume filled up the confines of the elevator and as usual,

here we stand looking at each other

2nd floor, 3rd floor…

The lust in her eyes stares deeply into the passion in mine.

She bit her bottom lip, I looked up at her and down, then pulled her closer to me.

Now face to face as tension builds, with no time to waste

I… 4th floor, 5th floor…

Tightly gripped her waist while she pressed up against me,

close enough to feel the stiffness of the tension that’s been building.

Her hands now placed on my shoulder

Everything has heightened, I knew I shoulda

Stopped this act before it went any further,

but I… 6th floor, 7th floor… 

Our lips started dancing to the beat of our racing hearts.

8th floor, 9th floor… 

This is wrong, I feel bad

It’s alright, she said, I know you’re here to see your girl and I live on the next floor

Ding! Here’s the 10th floor

Look who’s at the damn door,

Hey baby, I said, smiling like nothing happened and sad but happy at the same time,

Knowing that I’d definitely see her again the next day

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