I Might Have Fallen in Love (My worst Fear)

I want it to last forever, this love,

she said, whispering to my ear

Her words were full of melody

I could hear them loud n clear, but I fear

that my worst fear is drawing near

She was too good to be true

Her alluring smile could sway the strong hearted

She turns heads with her rear swinging from side to side

She’s a boss like that and she dresses to kill,

like everyday is a photoshoot

Talk about overdo, her bills never overdue

I found myself enjoying all her love

not just the sex, with strings attached

I’m always rushing to go home coz I know

she’ll be waiting with her clothes detached

With her perfect curves and juicy lips

She knows how to love and she gives the best tips

It’s mind blowing

As time passes by, this feeling becomes more enticing,

more intense and more exciting

It has become something I can’t get enough of,

I fear I might have fallen in love

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