There Should Be No Effort


True love, they say, just falls right into place

There should be no stress

With just a little chase,

If they’re meant for you, they’d stay

I never said it won’t be challenging,

Finding true love should be life changing

It’s more about giving, than taking

Caring for someone else, more than anything

Your heart would grow fonder

Happiness would become more abundant

You’d promise to be their defender

To love them gently and tender

You become the kindest you’ve ever been

to them, and all of you you’d render

In many ways, compliment each other

Like puzzles, both of you, a perfect fit

You think about them most of the day

And dream about them all night

No better place to be than by their side

Might sound crazy, but you won’t have it any other way

They can see you cry,

Cos there’s no better shoulder to lean on

They can be the reason you smile,

Cos they’re the most valuable trophy you’ve ever won

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