The Future Is Woman


Photo by Sai De Silva (@scoutthecity) on Unsplash

The future is woman!

This is it! This is the statement

They literally are the bravest human

Some of them were mothers from their youth

The lots of us were carried in their womb

With all the abuse and lack of consent

Disregard and miseducation is constant

I tell you this young lady, fear not

The struggle you’re going through

is nothing compared to what you’re capable of

What you think of yourself,

pales in comparison to your actual worth

Stop doubting yourself and go make yourself proud

Don’t hold on to the negative energy, go figure yourself out

Don’t settle for less, strive for more success

Focus on you, don’t let anything

or anyone take away your happiness

You were birthed by a strong mother

And like your mother’s mother’s mother

You will help nurture the future

And instil that strength to your daughter,

and your daughter’s daughter

Just like how princesses become queens

One day, your prowess will come to being

The weak girl they thought you to be, is not true 

I know, these hardships you’ll overcome 

And I look forward to the woman you will become

Cos, the future is YOU


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