Fiery Love


Fire, that is the metaphor for your love 

although its a double edged sword 

No matter the cost, you’d keep your word 

Stronger than anything, your bond

The way you wrapped me up with it,

so comforting, its coziness and its warmth 

You let me experience everything from the front seat 

and the best in me, you bring forth 

The way you set everything ablaze with it 

If I broke your heart, you’d throw a fit

So dangerous, its ferociousness, and wrath

burning everything in your path 

Fiery, like the look you had in your eyes 

Since the first day I gazed into it, you melted my heart

My cold expression morphed, I was flustered 

Thought love and I was on a parallel path,  but you changed that

I mean, I get the beauty of it,

but you bring out the freedom in it

I wasn’t sure before, but you got me thinking,

that maybe this adventure will be worth taking

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