Love Eternal

Eternal Love

Here’s to all the loved ones lost 

And to the ones living, my advice 

Love when you have the chance 

I failed to follow my heart 

And thus, a heavy price it cost 

With a heavy heart, I cry 

With teary eyes, I write 

A story from my days as a teen 

Didn’t age a bit since seventeen

Still stuck there, I’m too childish to grow

Accidents happen, I know 

But because of me you hit the road 

You said you’d love me till the end of days 

I laughed as if it were a joke 

Joke’s on me, you loved me till the end of your day

Your friends said I wasn’t good enough

That I’m only here for the cuff

My friends said you were a distraction

You take me away from all the actions

You didn’t listen, but I wavered

You wanted us to work, to you, we were all that mattered

I wish we hadn’t argued that day

I wish I hadn’t let you leave, maybe you’d still be alive today

When you died I became a stagnant water

None of those friends showed me love after

If we had made it past that test

Building a future together was next

Maybe one day we could have a shared home

Yet here lies your remains under this grey headstone

We never made it eventually

Your pages weren’t just numbered

You already hit the end

There was no longer a path to walk

You were at your dead end

I hope you’re in a better place

You don’t have to worry about me

I don’t care about the busy days

I worry about the lonely nights

I can feel your presence from the other side

I know you feel what I’m feeling right now

I know you can see how I’m doing right now

I took for granted when I could see you and feel your touch

Now I’m all alone, but with your love right next to me

I’ll let my heart beat twice as much

You said I could either love you now or never

Since you’re not here now, I’ll love you harder than I ever did

I’ll love you forever

Just a little while longer I’ll come home to you

I know it’s rude to keep a lady waiting

But surely, we’ll be reunited to part no more

This is from me to you, my eternal love!

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