Hello stranger

A long time ago we met,

You were so sweet and innocent

We went from being strangers to friends

You’d listen to whatever I had to say without any judgement

You’d say whatever you had in mind whenever you wanted

From friends we became lovers

You were like a companion

Your happiness was mine and mine was yours

I was imperfect, you had your flaws

Together, we could care less about the world

Hello stranger

So many years have gone by

We’re not what we used to be, do you ever wonder why?

There’s no communication between us,

we’re disconnected after all

We don’t sit and talk anymore

You’d listen to my jokes and physically laugh out loud

Instead you text me an emoji or type LOL

These expressions I can’t see, maybe you don’t even feel

Your real thoughts and feelings you conceal

I still hear the echoes from your unspoken words 

The narratives from your inner voice 

The long sentences erased for “ok”

Then the silence that follows thereafter 

Hello stranger

While we go about our daily lives under the same sky,

but many miles apart

I wonder if you still think about me

If you ever do, what do you see?

We used to be the solutions to each other’s problems

I wonder if we can go back to what we were

So I can tell you all my triumphs and challenges

But right now you act like I’m a total stranger

Like I’ve become just another one of your problems

It’s crazy how we let our environment change us

We’ve gone from lovers to friends, from friends back to strangers

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