Just Another Scum


If all men are scum, how the hell did we get here?

You question my motive, even when my intentions are clear

Must we fight over every little thing?

Do I have to move mountains to impress you?

You still have indelible scars from the pain he caused you

So you’ve been taking precautions

But you can’t move on if you keep looking back

You can’t heal if you can’t forgive the past

I’m stuck here doing double time

For his sins and my future crime

You judge me even before the sin,

Query places I have or have never been

And look for the wrongs and mistakes you had missed

You might just find that dirt if you persist

I’m not saying the perfect man doesn’t exist

But, while you’re hung up in the past, he might not come

Cos to you, he might just be another scum

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