Withered Love


Like flowers, You are beautiful

You blossom when nourished by rain and sunlight

Like wild plants, you are prideful

You never go down without a fight

Our relationship was like an adventure

We had our fair share of the thrills

But now the thrill is gone

And your dwindling love kills

I cared for you with genuine intentions

Showered you with love and affection

I treated you like my most priced jewelry,

wore you next to my heart

Loved you for you and promised not to falter

The autumn leaves represented our joyful start,

but you let us wither and fall the season after

Would’ve loved to see us blossom some more

But your petals have become toxic

You don’t tender to my heart anymore

This much is clear

Cos when you say you love me, I know you don’t

The signs have been there

My greatest escape will be leaving you

And your greatest mistake will be losing me

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