What If ?


When I get lonely,

I reminisce about you and me

Why we turned out the way we did

Back then I couldn’t tell you to spend those nights with me

When my dreams weren’t dreams

Nightmares played repeatedly in my head like a recorded film

When my past couldn’t let me be

I couldn’t tell you to stay

When things weren’t consistent

When my reality could change any instant

My life could’ve driven you insane

I couldn’t tell you I loved you

When my heart wasn’t steady

When I couldn’t share my emotions cos I wasn’t ready

When the good things about me were but a few

You ever wondered why I was so distant

Why what we had met so much resistance

What if I had told you all my problems then

That I had so many demons and didn’t want to drag you to hell with me

What if I had told you I loved you anyway

Would I have stood a chance

Would you have still loved me the same way?

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